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Spread your entrepreneurial ideas wider (Springwise)

August 30, 2009

Sharing ideas has been part of word of mouth from that start of time and with the internet, word of mouth (buzz etc) can spread ideas much faster and wider. Word of mouth coupled with permission marketing can really grow a business at little expense.

finnpreneur_logo_ver3Some time ago, I had set up a website called Finnpreneur with the idea to promote Finnish companies for my students and others to see. Unfortunately with limited resources and time Finnpreneur fell by the way side.

springwiseHowever with a website called Springwise it is possible to promote ideas and entrepreneurial initiatives to a world audience.

Springwise is a site that I have been following since 2006 and have recently rejoined their spotters network. “Springwise scans the globe for the most promising business ventures, ideas and concepts that are ready for regional or international adaptation, expansion, partnering, investments or cooperation.”  It’s a real nifty way to see what weird and wonderful ideas people come up with around the world. I have been trying to promote Finnish companies, Irish companies and then just ideas I came across that I thought were good.

I spotted Idea Exchange by Nosco a Danish company which was duly noted in Springwise.


Convincing employees to contribute feedback and to genuinely consider other people’s ideas can be a hard-won task for employers. Attempting to turn that challenge into a manageable asset, Idea Exchange is an online tool created to help companies make the most of their employees’ collective wisdom. Read More

Nosco’s Blog stated that the spotting in Springwise brought them a lot of attention.

“Idea Exchange is menitoned in todays Springwise newsletter. I’m amazed by how much attention it has generated. We received tons of inquiries in the mailbox this morning. ” Oliver Nosco Blog

Some other spottings include:









I will review what Finland has to offer when it comes to spreading ideas in the coming days.

Let’s share ideas.

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