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Entrepreneurship Nordic Style

September 5, 2009

Having noted Springwise as an excellent site to see what is happening around the world in terms of entrepreneurship and digital marketing, Finland is no slouch when it comes to entrepreneurial endeavours.


ArcticStartup is a great site to see entrepreneurial and green companies from Finland and the Nordic countries. Join ArcrticIndex and get networking with entrepreneurs. It could be a good place to come up with ideas and contacts for your thesis.

Other useful sites offering information about Nordic entrepreneurial startups:


The list of Finnish Startups

11 great resources for European start-up news

startupbinStartupbin covers web startups in Finland. Timo Paloheimo is a blogger from ArcticStartup.

sombiz Sombiz for entrepreneurs, experts, and enthusiasts interested in Finnish-based social media business.


Tietoviikko is an information and communication magazine with an online presence. They covered Finnish web 2.0 strongly in this article (in Finnish).

tigerprises logo2 is an independent weblog covering Estonian technology landscape – interesting companies, demos, technologies, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists etc.

Sweden 100 – Tracking the Swedish startup-o-sphere.

If you know of more sites offering information about Nordic entrepreneurial startups, please share them.

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