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Social Community Marketing Course in the Pipeline

October 12, 2009

It has been a busy couple of weeks, but something new on the horizon is the possibility of a social community marketing course. The course idea comes about from the need for more highly trained staff/interns in the area of social community marketing for web 2.0 companies and startups, an acquired source of funding from the EU, benefit to students (particularly immigrant students – part of the funding initiative) and the fact that this type of course is in line with my plans for advanced digital marketing course. Jussi Linkola on the design side of the school has been laying the ground work for the funding, the cooperation between businesses and asked me to join up.

muxlim.logo.darkWe visited Muxlim’s offices on Friday and met Mohamed El-Fatatry Founder & CEO and Stephen Lee COO to discuss their needs when it comes to employees and how they envisage a course meeting those needs. An excellent open discussion was had and we move on from the idea phase to the planning phase. Muxlim also agreed to sign up to the marketing seminar on Thursday the 19th of November.

muxlimAbout Muxlim

Muxlim is the worlds largest Muslim lifestyle media company. Muxlim’s vision is to connect the world’s Muslim communities to each other, and to the wider world, through shared online experiences. Tens of million of users visit the Muxlim Network every year to enhance their Muslim lifestyle and enjoy content including music, entertainment, fashion, food, sport, science, news, culture and more. is the company’s flagship social media service combining interactive video, audio, blogs, polls and images. Muxlim is focused on the Muslim lifestyle as part of a diverse, all-inclusive world which recognizes and welcomes people of all faiths and backgrounds who want to share, learn and have fun.

Other News

metropolia IntMetropolia 2.0 continues and I have some of my students from my Digital Marketing Course working toward developing ideas and plans for this.


MarketingTalks domain name is now a more professional one and as above Muxlim sign up to present.

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