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Slush Follow Up

November 11, 2009

slush logoSlush was a worthwhile event to attend, at least for the day I attended. There were some organisational difficulties and some of the presentations were not top notch but overall it was a successful event and great to see it happening in Helsinki.

The morning opened for me with the warm up and open mic which were presented eagerly and got people chatting. I left this after a while as there was beginning to be repetition among some of the presenters.

Pitching (to attempt to sell or win approval for; promote; advertise)

I headed up to see the startups pitching (IBP Clinic) which was a good learning experience. A team of panelists reviewed the seven minute pitches and gave the startups feedback from presentation technique to questioning business model and revenue generation. In fairness the presentations techniques actually better than I expected but time and time again both the audience and panelists were left wondering what was the concept or product that was being pitched. Pitching is not something I am so familiar with but some essentials that were noted time and time again as being missing were:

Short introduction but not a long introduction to team members etc (this left at the end and mentioned briefly)

Highlighting the problem that the product or service was going to solve

Detailing exactly what the product or service is (particularly using graphics)

Detailing the target market and providing real quantitative analysis

Competition and how you are differentiated from them e.g. USP

Detailing success to date

Staying within the 7 minutes

Presentation techniques

Presenting to the audience (some interaction good but don’t over do it as it takes time away from the pitch)

Using a remote

Clear precise analysis (avoid speeding)

Graphics to help the presentation but also key data

Not going on the offensive when feedback is offered

Overall it was highlighted that the presenters should follow pitching guidelines as linked on venture capital companies’ sites.

Some pitching Links


garage technology ventures

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