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Finnair Launches Quality Hunters Campaign Competition (4 people/61 days/Travelling the world/In search of quality)

September 5, 2010

I just noticed that Finnair have launched a digital marketing campaign along similar lines than Ford Fiesta experience or Best job in the world. The Finnair campaign came to my attention from an ex-exchange student (word is spreading fast). The campaign entitled ‘Quality Hunters’ requests applications to become one of four quality hunters/61 days/travelling the world/in search of quality.

As a Quality Hunter, your task is to report to Finnair as an independent advisor, assisting the airline as it investigates the factors that contribute to excellence in travel. You will share your experience via your blog and compete to receive votes to be the Top Quality Hunter.  Application is open till the 26th of September 2010 and you have to be able to travel independently non-stop for two months throughout October and November 2010, thus ruling both myself and my students out 😉 Click the picture below to apply.

Really interesting to see Finnair run this digital marketing campaign and will cover this in class. Certainly the focus on quality is in line with their strategy to be the quality airline of choice in particular for Asian travel.

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