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Cellular Business in a box empowers Indonesians

November 7, 2010

As mentioned, quite a few spottings in Springwise at the moment. A non Finnish spotting for a change. I really liked the idea of Ruma when I saw it and the charity element really fits in with what my students are organising for Metropolia Charity while the entrepreneurship element fits in with our next MarketingTalks seminar.

RUMA is a social organization that deploys “business-in-a-box” solutions to qualifying franchises for a brighter economic future.

Recognizing Indonesia’s high cellphone penetration rates, for example, RUMA’s first product is “Rumah Pulsa,” a telecommunications kiosk that enables the entrepreneur to sell prepaid airtime to his or her community. RUMA sells the business kit — which contains a phone, promotion materials and an operating manual — for USD 23 to future franchisees. A field officer is also on hand to train franchisees in running the business. To ensure it is serving the poor, RUMA conducts a questionnaire to determine a franchisee’s poverty level based on the Progress-Out-of-Poverty Index (PPI) methodology. Read more by clicking the picture

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