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Finnish social network for sharing fitness activity

November 12, 2010

Another spotting on springwise and back to Finland again for inspiration. Full spotting below for a change and of course the picture will send you to the original.

When it comes to fitness, few rewards are more motivating than the knowledge that one’s friends can see each and every workout missed or completed. That’s where Finnish Heiaheia comes in, with a social network dedicated to giving users the extra motivation they need to stick to their fitness routine.

Now in beta, Heiaheia aims to combine the benefits of training diaries and social networking in an easy to use, entertaining package. Working from the philosophy that every exercise counts, the site doesn’t focus on any particular sport, technology or gear; rather, it supports almost 300 different sports, with new ones being added continuously. Users log each workout into the site and share those workouts with their friends. Similarly, friends’ workouts appear in a feed on the user’s home screen, allowing the user to browse their training logs through their profiles. Users can cheer each other’s exercises by clicking a thumb icon; they can also comment. All cheers and comments get stored in the friend’s training log. Exercise activity can be shared on Facebook and Twitter, while a groups feature lets members of a team, for instance, compare notes.

Operated by Helsinki firm Mooze Oy, Heiaheia currently supports English, Italian, Russian, Swedish and German in addition to its native Finnish language. Fitness-related businesses around the globe: time to help consumers keep each other active…?


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