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Finnish Deal Machine Using gaming to motivate salespeople

December 3, 2010

Back to entrepreneurship Finnish style and a look a spotting that Springwise published back in November. Deal Machine were the winners of the Slush pitching competition and I was impressed with their different approach to CRM and salesforce efficiency.   Deal Machine uses game mechanics to motivate and reward corporate sales staffs.

CRM and ERP packages are commonplace in many companies today, but they can be time-consuming to use without necessarily helping salespeople achieve their goals. The typical sales position, meanwhile, can be broken down into components remarkably comparable to those seen in many common games, including goals, achievements and earned rewards. Aiming to draw upon the fun and motivation inherent in gaming, Deal Machine applies a gaming model to reward salespeople for every step they take toward their goals. Sales managers set the rules used on Deal Machine, and they can tweak those rules as their effect becomes evident. A real-time leader board, meanwhile, is automatically generated by the site to provide analytics for management while also letting players know who is winning. As per usual click the pic above to see the original spotting.

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