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Estonian Qminder App lets consumers wait in line remotely

October 17, 2011

As said in my last post, I have a few spottings lined up in Springwise and now a second spotting has appeared hot on the heels of my recent Scoopshot spotting. This time the spotting is across the water in Estonia. As per usual click the image to go to the original spotting.

App lets consumers wait in line remotely

No one likes to wait in line, well now you don’t have to, Qminderoffers a smartphone app that lets consumers wait in line remotely for just about any kind of service.

Now in beta, Estonian Qminder is a queue management system that spares consumers the need to wait in line in person, not just at hospitals and doctor’s offices, but also at banks, restaurants and stores. Consumers begin by downloading the smartphone application, which is compatible with iPhone and iPad as well as Android and Nokia devices. Once that’s done, they can “take a number” remotely, which marks their place in the virtual queue. In return, Qminder estimates how long the wait promises to be and sends a notification when the user’s turn approaches. For venue owners, the app can be used to determine when peak hours are occurring, enabling managers to better schedule extra staff. The app can also be set up to work with existing queue systems, or using a web service.

Qminder recently won the Garage48 hackathon event in Tartu. Service businesses around the globe: one to try out on your own time-strapped clientele?

Something not mentioned and perhaps not part of Qminder’s plans but one to think about. Selling your place in the queue hmmmm!


Spotted by: John Greene

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